Thursday, November 6, 2014

October 6th

Hey guys. What's up. 

So Danielle is greener than green for her baptism. It's going to be on November 1st. We have taught her with the Bishop, a member of the Stake Presidency, and we watched general conference last night at the Stake President's house with her. OH MAN SHE IS SUPER COOL. She's like 60, and is just super prepared. Haha. It's really built my testimony teaching her that it's the spirit that converts. And it's super essential to bear simple testimony frequently when teaching, because the spirit comes in testimony.

We have the best ward ever here. The members are great. We have this member who invited one of our investigators chez lui, and she stayed at his home for like 5 hours and got to be really good friends! We didn't even know this was happening, so when we found out, our faces were blown away. 

I feel like the french is really coming. The session at President Benesars home was in french, and I could understand it. It was awesome. My favorite speaker was the Jorg dude, with the two dots over the O in his name. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Recently, I have been super obsessed with keeping things simple. Like, keep the truths down to what they are. Like, God lives, he is our father, and we are his children. Jesus Christ is our Savior. I love to keep it like that. I guess that's just my way of teaching. 

Well, my testimony is getting stronger by the day. It's strange to think that only a few months ago, I was chilling with my family, and now I'm here in France, stopping scary looking people in the streets and testifying of Christ... Speaking french. Haha. I love this Gospel lots.

This is God's church.

Elder Walker

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