Monday, November 24, 2014


Well this week was full of miracles I'd like to share.

First, just barely, Elder Herdt and I got a park right next to the office. Free, too. That's pretty cool.

Also, this last Tuesday, we were contacting, and it was like 20 minutes before we had to go in. The roads were pretty dead. But there was one man in the road, and of course we went head hunting and contacted him. Him name is Djamel, he is from Algeria. Well we fixed a rdv with him for the next day, and we taught him the Restoration. He understands and speaks french just fine, but he can't read french. Well we saw him again on Thursday, gave him a Book of Mormon in Arab, and he read a little bit out of the introduction in Arab for us, and he prayed for us in his native language, Kabil! It was crazy, literally so cool. He accpted a soft engagement for baptism. We are planning on fixing a date with him tonight. So that's a miracle, plus he's free all the time! Also, last night we went to go visit a less active. We were going to give her cookies, because Elder Herdt can cook a mean batch of cookies, but she wasn't there. Well we decided to start ringing all the people in her building, and while we were doing that, a lady stopped by and was like "Ring that one for me"! So we did, and then she asked what we were doing in the middle of no where. Well we explained, gave her the cookies, and then she was like, "I live in Villefranche too! Why don't you come over this night when we are doing Christmas things"! Elder Herdt and I were like "Well... I think we can fit time in for that". So that was pretty crazy. Haha. 

We helped Danielle paint her apartment twice this last week with a member named Mario. It was pretty fun, she just loves all the missionaries. We plan on having a "Get down to business" lesson with her this Saturday. I hope it goes good. I'm sure it will. :) We also ate at Mario's one night. Well let me tell you. I almost blew up, he fed us so much. We ate with the Assistants, and it was just crazy. I've never eaten so much in my life. It was literally more than I eat even on Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah!

DAVID ARCHULETA IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited haha. It's in like three weeks. I'm so stoked. Also, there is this thing called the He is the Gift initiative. I encourage you all to check it out. Use the thing #SharetheGift because it needs to get big. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I love you all.


Elder Walker

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