Thursday, November 6, 2014

October 13th

Well hi.

So the other day I was giving myself a haircut, and then I made a mistake, so then I had to cut it all super short. I buzzed it to 10 mm, so that's kind of different. I am never cutting my own hair again.

I gave my first blessing in french, and it was insane. It was for a guy from Armenia named Fabrice Ozaga. We had to drive out like half an hour to get to his home, and he lived in a pretty sick part of France. It's always my favorite when I get to drive along the countryside. We visited him because the Stake President asked us too. He was excommunicated because he wanted his name to be removed or something like that, but now he wants to get baptized again, but he feels like he can't do anything for the ward. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I've ever had. 

I'm started to really just love the ward and everybody I meet sooo much, I can't really explain it. Like, the ward is just super nice! There is this guy in our ward named Mario who took this homeless guy from the streets and let him live with him. His name is Collins, and now the Sisters are teaching him. 

Danielle is super prepared for her baptism. She is so excited haha. It's always a good time teaching her because she always gives us something to eat. And it's always super proper and french and I wait till' she starts eating because I have no idea if I know to start from the inside or maybe the bottom or perhaps the left corner of the meal. So that's fun.

Elder Swenson and I changed the tires on our car today. So that's fun.

When it rains here..... It rains. And it hasn't stopped raining for a few days now. It's a good time, contacting in the rain when there's one person on the street. 

I love you all and miss you all. 


Elder Walker

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