Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oct. 20th



Well this last week was pretty baller. I feel like Elder Swenson and I are finally getting work done together. Like serious work. Haha. So I met this guy named Sebastian the first week here, and he was the first person I ever legitly contacted and placed a Livre de Mormon. Well, we met with him forever ago, then haven't seen him since... Untill last week! I saw him in the road, and introduced him to Elder Swenson. He has a dalmation. I want a dalmation. We saw him like three other times in the road within like two days, and apparently he lives like one minute away from us! Well the first time we met him, he said he didn't think drugs were bad, and he basically had every problem that somebody could have. Well, we visited him a few days ago, and he said he wanted to give up drugs because he realized how bad they were! AND yesterday we visited him, and he said that he wants to live a chaste life now! Well, that was a big miracle. I really see the good in him, and I believe we can help him.

Yesterday we were porting, and we met this girl that was interested because she thought we were polygamists and stuff. And so we're meeting with her this week too. Basically, everybody thinks that Mormon's are polygamists if they've heard of Mormon's at all. It's weird.

And also, we found a family to teach! We brought them cookies, and they invited us in and OH it was so good! I'm so excited to teach them!

My hair is starting to grow back, so that's fun.

High five.

Elder Walker

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