Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oct 27th

Well guess what. Adventure is out there. That's right.

So tomorrow, we had a mangez-vous planned with some members and a lesson with a potential, but guess what. That's not happening. You wanna know why? I'll tell you why. Well there is this Chinese elder arriving tomorrow, and here's the thing. He has to go to Bordeaux. I think that's how you spell it. Anyways, it's across the country. Well usually the AP's would drive him, but they won't be able to, they're already at Bordeaux. And President can't, and so I HAVE TO DRIVE HIM ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!! Holy cow. That's kind of exciting. 

Also, my first baptism is this week! Danielle is sooo excited to get baptized!!! Well the last rdv with her was super heated actually. She was having doubts getting baptized, and it was super intense. We gave her a blessing, and immediately after, she said she was getting baptized! The power in the priesthood is real. That is now the third blessing I've gave in french. It was such a spiritual experience. And the sister's ami, Dan, is also getting baptized. TWO BAPTISMS FOR ONE WARD on the same day. MMHMM. Well usually we have members baptize and confirm, but Dan wants me to baptize him, which is weird. But I'm still excited. He is a refugee from Congo. Also, his friend, Diogene, was ordained an elder yesterday. He was contacted in the metro with Dan, so that's a pretty cool story. He was actually confirmed a member by Elder Anderson himself. And I got to stand in the circle when he was ordained, so that was super cool. 

Elder Kearon from the 70 is coming on Thursday, so that's exciting.

My hair is growing back.

Speaking of miracles, I'm really starting to notice all the small things the Lord is doing everyday. I am starting a miracle journal. Don't forget to take a moment at the end of the day and think about with the Lord did for you. I promise he did more than you think.

Don't forget to pray for me to stay motivated and do my best please.

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