Monday, September 29, 2014

What Up

Well... I don't have lots of time to say stuff.

But basically I'll tell ya the good news.

I started driving like two weeks ago. It's pretty stressful driving in the city. But I love the countryside. It's super cool and chill and stuff. Haha. We have this french amie named Danielle. She is like sixty, but we gave her mom a blessing a couple weeks ago to walk. I did the oil. Well, like last week, her mom walked, and she called us and was super excited, and she said she knows our church is true! She's getting baptized onNovember 1st! I am SOOO excited. I'm staying in Val de Saone for the next transfer with Elder Swenson.

I basically feel fluentish in french. It's just that I can't understand 100 percent of the time, and I really have to focus. But I can talk and stuff. Isn't that weird? Haha. 

Love you all. Choose the right.

Elder Walker

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