Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Well... Hi.

So this last week went super well! 

I think my french is getting better and everything is really just starting to go better. It was rough getting into the mode of things, but that's fine.

The other day we gave a sister a blessing. I anointed the oil. It was weird doing it in French. It was a super spiritual experience. I loved being able to be a part of that so much. It was just super cool.

So I don't know if I said this last week or not, but I live in a little town called Villefranche. It's like 30 minutes away from Lyon. We live next to this big apostate Catholic church, and the bells ring every hour. It's pretty cool.

I gave my first baptism invitation the other day. The investigator is named Marie José. She's from Congo. The goal is September 27th. I hope she goes through with it. That'd be cool. It's be a cool way to start my mission.

I am so sore everywhere. On Saturday, we played soccer with some amis and other elders in the zone. My body is like broccoli. I just can't handle it. My legs and arm and everything are sore. LOVE IT.

Call traffic the bouchons.
Little rats (legit ones) are real.
Baguettes are a thing.
I met Albert Einstein the other day.
Eat a kebab.

Elder Walker.

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