Sunday, September 21, 2014

This is from September 8th. (sorry -kimber)

Hello! :) How is everybody doing?
I love being out here. It's kind of weird to think about how much my view on everything has changed. It's weird. Haha.
Yesterday, Elder Nye and I taught a lesson in the most french place you can imagine. With the most french people you can imagine. Haha. We had straight up raspberry juice out of a wine glass with ice cream. It was so weird. We read 3rd Nephi 11 with them, and she said she really wants to be baptized. That's exciting, but Elder Nye and I feel like she really needs to have a testimony of everything. That's kind of how it is with our Congo engagee, Marie José as well. But I think Marie José has a good understanding of the importance of scripture study and everything. We also have another baptism engagee. Also from congo. Her name is Soeur Harlette. She has the cutest little boy! Haha.
So I don't know if I told the story of when I was frustrated the first week about not being able to speak french then placing the Book of Mormon... Well we taught him again! His name is Sebastian, and he is a real cool cat. I don't know if he'll accept the Gospel right now, but I have faith in him and believe that he'll accept it one day, hopefully soon.
So our area is kind of new. It's only been open for a few months, so Elder Nye and I have to really build Villefranche up, but we sure are! The people there are super nice, and we are already starting to get great amis!
My favorite thing is eating a baguette with cheese.
Yogurt here is crazy.
Spiders here are crazy big. We named one Aragog.
I went on an exchange last week! With Elder Adams from Texas. He is awesome, it was so much fun!
My testimony has really grown on teaching by the spirit. Yeah, I can actually understand people (for the most part) and I can speak in lessons now in broken french, but we wouldn't have the success we're having if the spirit wasn't there. Love it.
High five.
Elder Walker

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