Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15th!

What up yo.

This week was cool. Basically, Elder Nye and I are baller missionaries. We go hard in the paint. All day. Everyday. HAHA

Last Thursday I went on an exchange with Elder Sorenson. He is from Draper, and he has class off the wall. We worked in his ville, St Etienne. We visited this CRAZY less active guy. Like, his little apartment had so much clutter and everything in it. It was stacked up to the roof with just stuff. But it was fun.

So I think our ami, Danielle, really has potential. This last week, we taught a lesson with her with Frere Marco. It went super good. She loved the Plan of Salvation. We weren't able to see Marie Jose this last week. IT'S A BUMMER. But that's fine. We are seeing her on Wednesday, and we are going to Plan of Salut the living lights out of her. Haha. And Soeur Harlette is also accepting the lessons really well and progressing and stuff too. And Bernard. And Rita. And Sebastian. Kind of. We are also having our first lesson with THE ONE AND ONLY MICHAEL JORDAN THIS WEEK! Just kidding. Just a dude that looks like Michael Jordan. HAHA, HIS NAME IS BALARD. Woops, the caps. We also met a lady who met the missionaries 40 years ago, and we have a rdv with her tomorrow! We are really picking the work up. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!

I am going to start driving in like two weeks. Isn't that wild? I will be driving in the countryside of FRANCE! haha. I will be driving because Elder Nye isn't legal, but I am. So yeah.

The other day, we have a lesson with a less active family, and I was bearing my testimony, and I started crying (of course). It was so embarassing. I wanted to die. 

I like working in Villefranche more than Lyon. It's just a chill place, and it's fun to contact because we meet the weirdest people haha. Like two days ago, we met this guy from Czech who was just making huge bubbles in the street for all the little kids. And I don't really know what it is, but Elder Nye seems to attract all the middle-aged women with tons of life problems. But I'm fine with that. Haha Elder Nye is always like what the.

Well... Peace.

Elder Walker

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