Sunday, August 3, 2014

Talofa. Bonjour. France (From Tuesday, 7/29)

Bonjour everybody!!!!

So this past week was just basically a week of a lot of studying. But that's okay, because I like that! Each week gets better than the week before. But I also want to get out of here. No more MTC for me! Only 20 more days till France. (high five) 

So I really love learning about the life of Christ. It's my favorite thing to study. I bought Jesus the Christ, and I started reading it. It's bigger than a gorilla. But I love it. I also bought a little light thing. At night, I hide under the blanket and read it, even thought that's technically against the rules. But I LOVE IT AHHAHAHAHALSKDJ:LIEWPOFJVBSXOFHOEFcn   v  vfv 

I have really just been getting into the motion of things. Get up, study and die, eat, study and die, eat study and die, the RUN MY HEART OUT DURING GYM TIME. What a joy. Elder Otteson and I have been running again. Apparantly the mile here is super slow, so we're going to get it tomorrow. Well, that's the goal. 

I'll put up pictures next week because I forgot to bring my camera to the computer lab thingy room.

I still feel like I'm living in Lord of the Rings. Elder Lythgoes #SWAG levels are overloaded. I'm the king of the rock.


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