Thursday, August 7, 2014

Little Rats


So less then two weeks until I'm in France, so that's pretty exciting. I am ready to get out of here. It's a pretty cool place and all... but yeah. I've had enough of the brown walls everyday and the Pit of Despair. But still, I think this week was my favorite one of all. Basically lots of studying, but still.

Everyday I pretty much study until my brain is about to blow up from all the scriptures and French and..... Happiness. :) We've been teaching both our teachers as investigators, and it's really been starting to get so much better.  Elder Lythgoe has really been picking up French so much as well. In the lessons, we can actually speak french decently well, and I understand like ninety percent all the time. We do these things called TRC's where we just go and talk to people who speak french, and that really helps a lot too. But who knows. I bet once I get in France, I'll be in shock about how little I understand.... But that's okay.

My district is so dang cool. We are all best friends. Each week, we draw a paper with a persons name in our district and write them a letter. This week I got Soeur Erickson. I basically just let my brain go. I was just typing whatever came to my head, I didn't really say anything about her for two and a half pages. She was pretty mad about that. I said things like "The dragon of the West eats apple pie summer hummer... Fly the scorpion to the bottom river in the jungle book bear scratching his back... Avatar Aang." 


So she wasn't very happy about that. But it was FUNNY! :) Haha.

This Sunday was the best day at the MTC so far. Since it was fast Sunday, we had a conference thing where all the missionaries in the Provo MTC listen to the MTC Presidency for two hours. I said the opening prayer. I sat up on the stand with them and felt so gnarly. I was so nervous to just say a prayer, but it was still a pretty cool experience. Way to represent the R-Town, eh? Afterwards, people I didn't know told me I said a good prayer, and I was like yeah. I'm famous. Well only like five people did, but still.

Afterwards, I saw..... COOPER CAMPBELL!!!!!!!! MY CHILDHOOD HOMIE FROM DRAPER!!!!!!! We literally shed some tears at that. Oh my gosh the tender mercies!!!! I walked out of the chapel after our Branch's sacrament, and he was just out in the hallway. He asked me what my first name was because he saw my name tag was, so then I told him, then he was like, "Dude. I'm Cooper Campbell!" I dropped my stuff and hugged the sweet living lights out of that boy. I was so happy to see him!!!! AHASKJDF:LSKDJF:OSI I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED! So sick.

I had breakfast in the temple this morning. I good break from the MTC. Haha.

"Don't let your life pass you by." -Andy Bernard
"Alright you little rats, shut your snouts." -Me
"Holy cats." -Elder Lythgoe

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