Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello World!!!!!

i'm in france. and it's pretty wild. so pretty much i cant type on a french keyboard, but that's all good. it's been unbelievable. so pretty much i'll try and get everything said that i need to, but a lot has happened. but i'll just go for it.

Like half the time, I can understand what people say, and the other half I can't. The true french people talk so fast, and I feel like a noob when I try and talk, but that's okay. I'm already starting to understand a lot more, and it's going super great.

The day leaving the airplane was #2CHAINZ. I was so happy to get out of the MTC at that point. We woke up at 4:30 , then drove to the TRAX place to get to the airport. I sat next to Soeur Wallace on the flight to CHicago. Everybody looked at the army of missionaries funny, just walking through Chicago. My first meal outside of the MTC was stinking McDonald's. Haha. On the ride to London, I sat next to Soeur Baggs, and some German dude, I really wanted to talk to him, but I couldn't. Language barrier. Haha. When we landed in London, we literally had to sprint to catch our flight to Lyon. Everybody in the Heathro airport laughed at all the missionaries running. I was talking in an English accent the whole time. We sat next to this French dude on the flight to Lyon. We had to wait in the Lyon Airport for like 2 hours because our bags were left in LONDON!!!!! Not a single missionary had their bags! Some people were pretty mad haha. We then met President Roney. We got a sack lunch, then went to the mission office. It was weird being in France. We all just chilled for a while there, and got interviewed by president. He polished my shoes, what a nice president. Then we went "contacting". It was SO SCARY. I dind't know what to say the whole time. It was pretty much just for getting the courage to say bonjour. I sat next to this guy on the metro, said bonjour, then another guy came and pointed to my plaque, then they both laughed. What a way to start, right? :) So that night we had dinner at President Roneys, then finally went to a hotel where we were staying for the night. It was like 11 at this time. It had been 35 hours since sleeping.
That next morning, I went to do legality. I had to take my shirt off so they could do some xray things. Wethen went tot hte chapel, and got taught by Pres. Roney and his wife. That's when all the trainers came in, and we found out who our new companions were. My new companion was ELDER BRAD NYE!!!!


I new him before my mission. How crazy is that? He was a runner for Davis, and was fast. So it's cool we're companions. Our zone is called Val de Saone. It's like half an hour from Lyon. I will put up the pictures.
So we've already taught some lessons and gone contacting and stuff. It's kind of scary to go contacting, but it's nice to have Elder Nye next to me when somebody saays something that I don't know how to respond to.

The Lord loves all of you!

Elder Walker

Because I'm so close to the mission office, It'd be cool to just send letters to the mission office. I don't know what the address is..... so find it. haha. Lyon business centre 59 Rue de l'abondance. in lyon. something like that, look it up haha\

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