Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Pit of Despair - Week 2


I lived another week. Each day the MTC just gets better and better. I LOVE THIS PLACEEEEE AAAHAJSL:DKjdf;lkgnas;ldfknasd;lvjk!!!!

But at the same time... Get me in France. Haha. Days here feel like weeks, but weeks feel like days... It's so weird.

So basically, I blew up from spiritual overload. Haha.

Wednesday, it was kind of cool to see all the new people come in. It was also nice to not be wearing a dork dot. We call our classroom the Pit of Despair because once you're in there, you're never going out. Three sessions a day, four hours each lesson. I engulf my beautiful soul into beautiful french, beautiful doctrine, and beautiful scripture. I am a level 12349817234 Wizard. Spartan 117.

Thursday was just another day. With MAAARRRYYY. Me and Soeur Bell always sing Disney songs every single day. Our favorite is the one from Hercules where it's like "No chance, no way, I won't say it no, no." And we get up and dance (even though dancing is against mission rules). It's so fun! I can't wait to get my camera (mom and dad.......) so you guys can see what it's like in the Pit of Despair.

"Getting jiggy with it." -Will Smith

FUTBOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! That's my lyfe now. Me and Elder Lythgoe are the kings of the soccer field. Well actually, Elder Lythgoe is. He is a soccer fairy. So I haven't been running for the past week. I've just been killing hooligans at soccer.

Friday was A Day To Remember (lol). This was one of the highlights of my whole mission experience so far. I woke up, and had the distinct impression that I would need my oil that night. I made sure I had it. That now, Soeur Nelson was feeling super horrible. I was the only elder in my district who had oil on them. OOOOOH. That was the first blessing I ever gave. I was kind of nervous, but it was such a spiritual experience. I almost cried haha. I can't ever be the prophet because I cry too much.

Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week. It's just a good day because we don't have classroom time, so my brain kind of gets a break. That night we had a devotional, and all the missionaries from the West Campus went to it too. I say MICHAEL BLUTH!!!! HOLLAAAA!!!!! It was so nice to see my home dawg skillet. I almost cried I was so happy to see him. Oh man, I love life. (fist bump)

Yesterday was Elder Lythgoe's birthday. That was so funny. When Souer Hill (our other french teacher) came in to teach us, we sang him happy birthday. I got him out of his chair and twirled him around. Also that day, I don't really know what happened, but after lunch I was walking to the classroom, and I was thinking about Christ (The MTC sorta has that effect on you). It was super humbling to thing about what He did for me. And I get to have His name on my chest? Like wow. That night in our room, there was much festivities. Elder Lythgoe got a birthday cake, chips and salsa, and some other stuff. It was so fun. I felt like I was in Lord of the Rings. Also, Soeur Bell got Lord of the Rings Legos and a magic 8 ball. So that was fun.

Basically, everybody in my district is awesome. We are all such good friends now. We all love each other.

Every Tuesday morning, we get to go to the temple. I LOVE THE TEMPLE!!!!! So that's kinda cool. I guess.

"You SHALL NOT PASS!!!" -Gandalf

"Mr Kraaaaaabs..... I have an IDEAAAAAAAAAA." -Spongebob

"I'm tired of diggin', Grandpa!!!" "Well that's just too dang bad!!!" -Holes
"I'm tired of studyin', Lythgoe!!!" "Well that's just too dang bad!!!" -Me and Elder Lythgoe

Peace out diggy dawgs

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