Monday, December 29, 2014



Merry Christmas everybody. And Happy New Years. :)

Welllllll Hi. So what did I do. Oh yeah.

Well this Christmas was way fun. Best Christmas every. haha. We went out to our first counselor's home, Frere Darguence, and ate lunch. I then got to skype my family! What thugs! Haha that was so fun! I wish I could've talked longer. But that's fine, it's no big deal. Ater skyping, Elder Herdt and I went porting for a solid three hours. We had made a goal to find a family on Christmas! Well... We kind of did. An old couple let us in in the final stretch. It was so awesome. For one, it was nice and warm in their home. Two, they fed us soup. Three, they were a nice, cute couple. :) They have three daughters and like five grandchildren or something like that. But it was a Christmas Miracle. Oh, and it started snowing yesterday! Even though it's after Christmas, it was a miracle. Kind of. I like the snow.... But not as a missionary. It's colder than Santa right now. 

Well on Saturday, we ate at Mario's again. He fed us a mama mountain. I almost died it was so much food. Well, our amie Michelle came over for that. At first, she was kind of quiet, but then she started to talk and laugh and she said she liked it. So that's a good thing. :) Also, the man that Mario took from off the streets, Collins, ate too. He is from Nigeria, and I love that man so much. He is so funny. And he is getting baptized. High five. He is so excited for his baptism too. Haha.

Another thing. A less active moved out here, and then she called us and said that she wants to start coming back to church. Her husband, who is not a member, also wants a blessing for his mother. Who is also not a member. Bow chicka wow wow. That's that.

I love you all. :) 


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